Oatlands’ Carter Barn…Progress and photos

As Oatlands continues work on the circa 1821 brick bank barn restoration, we are putting archeology aside for the winter and focusing on some needed interior repairs.The flooring in the barn has aged well for the most part, but there are some areas where replacement of floor boards is imperative.  200 years is a long time to be walked upon! 
Boards marked for replacement

Each floor board to be replaced was carefully measured, numbered and keyed to the floor plan.   We are using salvaged flooring dating to the early 19thc.   We have matched the existing wood in color and cut. Flooring on the third level is composed of the typically wide floor boards used in the early 1800s, 10″ to 13″, with narrow growth rings.  This flooring probably does date to the early 19th century.  The flooring on the second level is slightly different, with narrower boards, 5″ to 7″, and wider growth rings.  We’re speculating that this flooring might be later than 1820.  The original nails were hand-forged, and we have sourced nails to match them.

Measuring the boards

 We are so excited to have begun the execution of the work on this project.  This barn is a spectacular structure.

boards, labeled ready for installation


About oatlandsva

Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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One Response to Oatlands’ Carter Barn…Progress and photos

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is a fascinating project! Thanks so much for sharing information and photos!

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