October 11 Archeology Update…

Long view of dig sites searching for stone foundation

Digs are happening on the east and south sides of the remaining barn structure at Oatlands.  The remaining barn structure is a rare brick bank barn, meaning that the building is built into a hillside.  It dates from 1821.  On the high side of the hill it is one story above ground.  On the low side, it is three stories.  The archeology team is digging on the low side in search of the walls from another barn structure believed to have been attached to what remains.

Stone wall or foundation remnant in courtyard on north side of building

Here are some of the photos of today’s work.  While it is too early in the work to draw conclusions, some of the photos show a stone foundation remnant running out into the courtyard on the south side of the remaining building. 


Stone foundation or wall remnant on north side of structure



About oatlandsva

Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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