Locavores, conservationists and other greenery

My grandmother used to shake her head and say “everything old is new again”.  If she were here today, she would say that about the current locavore movement and the passion we have for land conservation and building preservation.

In Gram’s day, people had little choice but to eat local.  Food came from the farm you lived on, or if you lived in a city, from the farms around the city.  Gram grew up in Paterson, NJ and often recounted her childhood memories of running out to the vegetable man as he came around with his cart.  She and her sisters had strict instructions from her mother to come back with the freshest items.  Milk was delivered from the dairy farmer, and meat was purchased from a butcher in the neighborhood who got his animals from a nearby farm.

Here at Oatlands, food was even more local.  People living here ate what they raised and grew.  Almost everything consumed, used, built with or ridden on came from the plantation itself.  People living at Oatlands were like their neighbors around them, making do with what they had and working hard to produce what they needed. 

Together with our many generous supporters, we work hard everyday to preserve the land and the buildings at Oatlands.  This is an old value as well.  Americans have long placed a high value on the land they live on and work on, and the buildings they call home.  As we work each day to preserve this place, we are reminded of those values.

Everything old is new again!


About oatlandsva

Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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