Oatlands Mansion being repainted–We’re seeking donations to help with the cost.

If you have been to Oatlands lately, you may have noticed peeling paint on the mansion–a lot of peeling paint.  Many visitors have commented on the sad state of our paint, and asked when we would be repainting.  Well the day has arrived!  Work began on scraping and repainting the mansion exterior last week and will continue this week.  We’re pleased with how much better it looks already!

Oatlands mansion is BIG and this is a big paint job.  We have funds from a grant to pay for some of the costs of painting, but we have about $8000.00 left to raise.  If you can help, you can contribute using our website, www.oatlands.org  (go to “Join Us” in the menu on the homepage, and then click “donations” or become a member).  You can go to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Oatlands.  You can like us to show support, and share us with your friends.  You can also click the Causes tab and make a donation that way.  Whether you show your support by retweeting, liking us on Facebook, sharing this blog with others, or sending a donation, we appreciate you!  Thanks for helping.  And if you haven’t visited recently, please do.  The weather is spectacular and the garden is gorgeous.


About oatlandsva

Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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