Well, here’s a mystery…send us your guesses!

It was a typical day at Oatlands: sunny, warm, tours every hour… but somewhere in between the 3pm and 4pm tour… this appeared.

Right there on one of the armchairs in the Library was a small pile of sand. Had the Gardeners spilled something? No, they hadn’t even been in the house that day. Was the ceiling caving in? No, it’s holding up well, not even a crack! Had something come in from the fireplace? No, we’ve had those sealed off to keep critters out for a while, and the seal was still firmly in place. What about a mischievous visitor? Not likely, that velvet rope does keep them back, and our guides have eagle eyes! Well, than what can explain it? We’re out of ideas! What are your thoughts?


About oatlandsva

Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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3 Responses to Well, here’s a mystery…send us your guesses!

  1. Martin Howell says:

    Look up. Carpenter ants or powder post beetles in the ceiling. That’s probably the sand from the plaster matrix.

  2. oatlandsva says:

    Thanks Martin. Ceiling looks ok to us, and to the pest control people. We’re thankful it’s not sand from the plaster matrix, but your guess made a lot of sense.

  3. Elizabeth Simon says:

    A stealthy, mischievous child with a long reach? Spillage from inside a displayed vessel (e.g., pitcher, vase — I’ve seen sand used to weight them down)? An annoying prank from the Other Side?

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