Easements around Oatlands preserve history and conserve the environment…

A few days ago Sandy Lerner of Ayrshire Farm in Upperville announced that she has placed Mountain Gap Farm under protective conservation easement.  Ms. Lerner purchased the 350 acre farm in 2008 to save it from sub-division development.  Mountain Gap Farm joins Oatlands’ own 360 acres and another roughly 620 acres contiguous to Oatlands under conservation easement.

Conservation easements around Oatlands protect the property from encroaching development and maintain the historic views and sense of place.   At the same time, easements allow the rich agricultural traditions of Loudoun County to coexist with development.  Easements are also important tools for protecting the natural environment and providing  green space. 

Oatlands’ Executive Director, David Boyce spoke for Oatlands, saying “We believe that Mountain Gap Farm is of significant historical value due to its close proximity to the Oatlands Historical District.  Saving this farm was critical to the history of the region.  I salute Sandy Lerner for her commitment to stewardship.”


About oatlandsva

Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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