Buried Treasure?

Ok, so it’s buried information.  But to historians, that is treasure! 

Foundations between brick barn and stone structure

In the picture to the left, you can see that there is a break between the foundation under the brick barn and the stone structure.  The foundations are built of the same kind of stone, but they butt up against each other–the stones don’t seem to interlock.  There are flat stones coming out of the pit that may have been used as a road surface. 

Isn’t this amazing stuff?

On the topside of the hill…along the stone wall

The photo to the right is from the test pit being dug on top of the hill, next to the west wall of the milking parlour, which is a stone wall.  They’ve gotten a couple of feet deep and they’ve discovered some brick worked into the stone.  We don’t know what it means, but the digging will continue down until we have some answers.

I’ll run back out and take more pictures later this afternoon.  Maybe there will be more to learn by then!

About oatlandsva

Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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