Afternoon dig update

It’s hot and grimy at Oatlands’ dig site (and the gnats are wicked).  The folks from Rivanna Archaeological are wrapping up for the day.  I just had to know what the story was with the brick worked into the west stone wall.  Below left is the picture I took this morning.  Below right shows more of the wall revealed this afternoon.  Of course, I was hoping there’d be some obvious explanation, but the brick is limited and it’s not filling a space that has any immediately recognizable purpose. It could just be that brick was handy for that space, or was a patch to the stone wall for some reason.

There no “writing on the wall” that lets us know the past in this case, just a mystery that will probably never be solved. Just for perspective, the below picture is a shot of the brick bank barn from the north. You can see the stone structure abutting it on the north side. The wall in the photos above is to the southwest of the barn, just out of this frame.  More to come tomorrow…

6-22 AM brick work within stone wall6-22 PM- brick work in stone wall

Uphill side of the bank barn


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Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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