Walls where they should be

New test pit 6-21 in the barn courtyard

Today’s news from the archaeological dig happening here at Oatlands:  There are walls where there should be walls.  Each test pit dug to test the theory that a foundation wall should exist from the large barn that burned in the 1880s has revealed a stone wall.  The archaeologists from Rivanna Archaeological Services are at work again this week looking for wall remnants and, in particular, trying to find the corners.

This wall was uncovered last week

What looks like brick rumble is being uncovered


The two pictures above show the typical stone wall being unearthed (left) and a new pit on the top side of the hill next to the stone milking parlour wall (right).  The new pit is uncovering a jumble of bricks…looks like a pile of rubble.  Who knows, though, what it will turn out to be a few more inches down.

Excavation is happening both on the uphill and downhill sides of the bank barn.  The theory is that a farm road on the uphill side would have allowed wagons to dump their loads into the silos in the brick bank barn.  The farm road on the downhill side would have allowed the wagons to load from the bottom of the silos. 

Every day, this dig is more fascinating!  Enjoy the pictures…more tomorrow!


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Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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