Terrific fundraising event and wonderful education in wine…

Mary Watson-DeLauder, an award-winning Washington D.C. area sommelier, joined us at Oatlands Sunday to host a fabulous, fun wine education session.  We called it Wine-Aroma!  Participants smelled various essences that mimic the aromas and flavors typically found in wines, and they were challenged to correctly identify the aromas.  The winning table/team identified 10 out of 11 aromas correctly.  Then the real fun began with a tasting of four different wines (two whites, two reds) to help us put our newfound skills to work. 

Mary gave us  a great experience, while the event also served as a fundraiser for Oatlands.  Participants overwhelmingly wanted to join us for the next wine event at Oatlands on July 18, also hosted by Mary Watson DeLauder.  The July 18 event, “A Summer Garden Wine Tasting” will showcase Oatlands’ spectacular garden while Mary again arms us with great information to make us better wine consumers.  We can’t wait!


About oatlandsva

Director of Development at Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site.
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